Konvertor v 4.04 Build 1

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Konvertor v 4.04 Build 1

Post  Jean on Tue 5 Oct - 15:15

Now online Very Happy

* Konvertor can now use the Winamp plugins to play/convert some ancient audio formats
* added XAR metadata reading
* dual vertical panel
* 24 new image formats (89G, 9XG, BID, FIG, GL2, GRP, HP1, HPGL2, IUX, LRF, PFTB, MOBI, PGF, PLO, PMLZ, PSL, RB, SK, SK1, SPL, TRD, V2G, VIC, WEBP)
* 40 new audio formats (AC1D, BG00, BP, CUS, DBM, DI, DIGI, DM2, DW, FC, FC3, FC4, FRED, G722, GMC, HIP, IMS, KRIS, MA, MFP, MGT, MMD0, SMMD1, MMD2, MMD3, NP1, NP2, NP3, NSF, NTP, P10C, P18A, P60, PP21, PRU1, PRU2, PRUN, SFX, SID1, XVAG)
* 5 new video formats (LXF, RSO, SRT, SSIF, TTY)
* 22 new text formats (89T, ABW, ADB, ADS, ASP, AWT, BSH, CSH, EL, ERB, FB2, IPD, ITK, ITCL, JAMMIX, LUA, ML, MLI, MLP, PDB, SAS, XIB)

* video presets can be modified and saved
* the install program does not erase the addons and plugins folders anymore

Bug fixes:
* P7, PLD reading
* scan module
* GPS localization in Google maps (menu Web)

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