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adding shortcuts

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adding shortcuts Empty adding shortcuts

Post  ocello Thu 3 Sep - 14:17

hi jean
could you add all the Windows Explorer shortcuts to Konvertor ?


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adding shortcuts Empty Re: adding shortcuts

Post  Jean Sat 5 Sep - 6:40


The following are implemented:

CTRL + Mouse Wheel up or down</b> increase or decrease the size of icons and thumbnails.
[b]CTRL + A
select all files
CTRL + C copy the file
CTRL + N open a new window
CTRL + T select all files of same type
CTRL + U unselected all files
CTRL + V paste the file
CTRL + W close the active window
Alt + S select all - only files
Alt + return open the selected file
F5 refresh the list
F6 view/hide the status bar
F7 view/hide the treeview
F8 view/hide the display window
Del deleted the selected file


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