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Konvertor Not Responding

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Konvertor Not Responding Empty Konvertor Not Responding

Post  Muhammad Tasneem Sun 27 Feb - 21:19

I have observed that if I open a folder which has lot of files the Konvertor has taken too much time to read it and become unresponsive for some duration it depends upon the number of files and their sizes.

Konvertor Not Responding 2m65udx

(I have some other folders which have more than 200,000 file/folder in it)

If possible add a progress bar on the Status bar (Yellow bar at lower side) and do the job in some steps but in first step it shows all files & folders names so user can scroll or check the desire name, I think it can very helpful.

Muhammad Tasneem

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Konvertor Not Responding Empty Re: Konvertor Not Responding

Post  Jean Wed 9 Mar - 9:09

OK, i see

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